9 Awesome Articles from Around the Web: Week 1

9 Awesome Articles from Around the Web (Blog Title Header)


Why were Facebook, Google, and Amazon so quiet about net neutrality?

“It’s not too difficult a leap to make from wondering why your online access shouldn’t be free from walls erected by your cable company, to wondering equally why your online access shouldn’t also be free from limitations created by a social media platform, search engine, or e-commerce behemoth.”

My winding road from security guard to back-end developer

“One day, you’ll see someone solve a problem in minutes  —  a problem that took you an entire day to solve  —  and you will once again feel like an imposter. Then, another day, you will help a teammate solve a problem, and you will feel fine again. Finally, you will realize  —  or your boss will tell you  —  that you weren’t hired for the skills you already had. You were hired for the skills you had the potential to have.

Number of Girls Taking AP Computer-Science Exam More Than Doubles

“Girls made up about 27 percent of the 111,262 students who took an AP computer-science exam in 2017. The number of minorities underrepresented in the tech industry — black, Latino, and Native American — who took the exam nearly tripled from last year, reaching 22,199 students this year.”


Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy

“Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many more search and social sites are all superb tools to add to our marketing mix. The secret is to spend most of your time and creative energy building assets that you control.”

4 Marketing Lessons I Learned from Building a Bustling Baseball Fan Community

“Marketing guru Jay Baer once offered this advice: ‘Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.’…When you reach a higher level of engagement with readers and community members, the connections become infinitely more profound and fruitful.”

Make people give a shit — without losing yourself

“When you show people that you respect them, that you’re not there just to pump and dump, you’re going to make ’em give a shit. They’ll start to give a shit because you’ve shown you give a shit.”


Charles Bukowski: How to Stand out in a Noisy World

“Rather than worrying about what external influences expect of you, focus on yourself. Cultivate your life in a way that excites you, and be so interesting you can’t be ignored.”

The Psychology of Quitting

“Whether you realize it or not, all those potential days, months or years with commitments that didn’t pan out as you had originally expected actually paid off in subtle, yet impactful ways. It built on your character  —  you learned more about yourself and your purpose than ever before.”

6 Life Changing Lessons for Creatives From Neil Gaiman

You Don’t Need to Go to School to Create Good Art. The idea of four years of enforced learning is enticing to no one, least of all creators who know that the more often you create, the better you get.”

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