9 Awesome Articles from Around the Web || Week 2

The last month been amazing. I started a new part-time marketing and (donor) development position with a tech-related, local nonprofit.

Apart from leaving me more time to spend with my family and pursuing hobbies, I’m finally able to apply the many skills I’ve learned over the last year of selling on Amazon, doing marketing for friends and family, and just plain geeking out on content creation.

I’m excited to go to into the office once my short work week rolls around. There’s also a lot of creative freedom and autonomy — things I’m starting to view as non-negotiables in my winding path toward reinventing my relationship with work.

Now on to the links. Here are some articles that have really resonated with me recently. Enjoy!


Machines Taught By Photos Learn a Sexist View of Women

“The researchers devised a way to neutralize this amplification phenomenon—effectively forcing learning software to reflect its training data. But it requires a researcher to be looking for bias in the first place, and to specify what he or she wants to correct. And the corrected software still reflects the gender biases baked into the original data.”

Before Hurricane Harvey, wireless carriers lobbied against upgrades to a national emergency alert system

“For years, the Federal Communications Commission has endeavored to upgrade the sort of short text-based messages — often accompanied by a loud alarm — that authorities have used since 2012 to warn Americans about rising floods, abducted children and violent criminals at large. But efforts to bring those alerts into the digital age — requiring, for example, that they include multimedia and foreign-language support — have been met with skepticism or opposition from the likes of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile, and even some device makers, too.”

How Machines Learn: A Practical Guide

Over 50 resources and tips on understanding machine learning.

A Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer in 2017

“In this article I won’t be discussing which websites or coding bootcamps have the best web development programs, instead I will be providing a definitive guide to what I believe are the most important skills required to become a Full-Stack Web Developer today and land a job if you’ve never coded before.”

Digital Marketing

When in doubt, connect

I love Seth Godin’s little nuggets of wisdom. Connection is one of the best strategies there is in the realm of marketing. Sympathize and empathize. Take an active role in helping someone solve a problem, because investing time and energy in someone is one of the best ways to earn their loyalty and respect.

Artificial Intelligence: Implications On Marketing, Analytics, And You

“Augmentation is perhaps the most optimal way to think about the near-term future. The world will find some use for what we are good at, and we’ll use AI for what it is good at.”


One Man Created the Education System Holding You Back

“We are struggling in the 21st century because conformity is no longer that valuable to companies. Software and hardware increasingly shoulder those burdens. Now the economy wants something else. Something unique, and creative. Something our education didn’t cover.”

Why I dropped out of College

“Curiosity and innovation aren’t products of sitting in a class, listening to your professor, or taking tests — they’re products of experimentation and working on problems you want to solve for yourself.”

15 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In College

“What happened to…the idea that if only 50% of your business decisions are correct, you’ll have a billion dollar business. Or the idea that, in the hands of an artist, even the wrong note can be turned into beautiful music? Life is improv. Not a fact test. You take the bad notes and weave them into music.”

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