Link Roundup

I’m in the middle of a web accessibility audit right now. It feels like I’m in a slow-motion montage of some scholarly action movie. Exporting spreadsheets of automated test results, combing through rows and combining issues in to human-readable documentation. Referencing dry, pedantic web standards and rediscovering the quirks of various screen readers. Asking myself… […]

selectCallback in Shopify’s Slate Starter Theme

If you’ve landed on this article, you probably found a Shopify tutorial asking you to add some code to the selectCallback function in your theme. Like me, you may be scratching your head wondering what and where the selectCallback function is. Here’s where you can find it. A Tiny Rant 🔥 Shopify has stated in […]

The Best Free React Course for Beginners

React has on my to-learn list for what seems like ages. I’ve tried diving in numerous times over the last few years, but either the time wasn’t right or I couldn’t find the right course or project to work through. Some courses were too hands-on, while others were too hands-off and quickly led to frustration. So […]