Link Roundup

I’m in the middle of a web accessibility audit right now. It feels like I’m in a slow-motion montage of some scholarly action movie. Exporting spreadsheets of automated test results, combing through rows and combining issues in to human-readable documentation. Referencing dry, pedantic web standards and rediscovering the quirks of various screen readers. Asking myself……… Continue reading Link Roundup

Weekly Link Roundup #6

It’s been 6 days since my IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist exam and I’m still recovering from the marathon study session the led up to it. I feel OK/good about my performance, but I’m still unsure about what the results will be. A couple things are for sure though: after studying for the exam, I’ve felt…… Continue reading Weekly Link Roundup #6

Weekly Link Roundup #5

Oh Wednesday, glorious Wednesday. This week has been a perfect emotional storm of work deadlines, impostor syndrome/panic attacks, wet weather, and npm issues (I’m talking to you, v3). But I’m making it through (read: barely hanging on) with the support of many a vitamin D tablet and green smoothie. On a more positive note, tomorrow…… Continue reading Weekly Link Roundup #5

Weekly Link Roundup #4

Accessibility Building accessible websites and apps is a moral obligation”You wouldn’t tolerate a builder who didn’t bother reading the building code or educating themselves on how to properly build a house. So why is that OK for us a builders of web things?” Accessible Page Navigation in Single Page Apps”Since we’re not relying on the…… Continue reading Weekly Link Roundup #4