Chocolate Peppermint Whipped Body Butter Recipe (Without Shea Butter)

This luxurious whipped body butter, pictured overflowing a glass Ball jar, will fill your nose with the scents of the holiday season.It’s getting to be that time of year again. Hot cocoa and peppermint everything.

With the fall gloom settling over the Pacific Northwest, I was looking for a recipe that would allow me to replenish my dwindling supply of body lotion and provide an inkling of holiday cheer to combat the gray, rainy skies outside. This recipe definitely hit the spot.

This chocolate peppermint whipped body butter recipe makes for a fun afternoon craft, and it’s an easy first foray into world of making whipped body butters.


You can absolutely stick to just peppermint essential oil. I added a hint of vanilla oleoresin to try and sweeten up the resulting aroma (I’m a sucker for Andes bars…what can I say?) but the result was pretty negligible.

You want to use non-deodorized cocoa butter because that’s the kind that retains that chocolatey smell we all love so much. I chose to use refined coconut oil because I didn’t want the coconut aroma overpowering that of the cocoa butter. However, you can absolutely use unrefined if that’s your preference.

The corn starch is added to absorb some of the greasiness of the oils. You can also use arrowroot powder if you have it on hand. I find that the addition of the starch makes for a silkier, non-greasy feeling.

Tools and Storage

Glass Jars

I used several screw-top mason jelly jars to store the body butter. However, these glass jars with a rubber gasket could be a great way to store the butter and prevent that awkward feeling of twisting caps with lotion-y hands.

Double Boiler

I personally use a frugal “pot-within-a-pot” double boiler setup (see process pictures below), but an item like this is a worthy investment if you’re planning to continue making body butters at home.

Hand Mixer

You don’t need an fancy hand mixer to get the job done. I used an inexpensive multi-speed mixer to make this body butter.

Kitchen Scale

Honestly, measuring out solid oils is a pain in the butt if you’re doing it by volume (i.e. cups). It’s much easier – and faster – to weigh carrier oils out on a kitchen scale.

How to make your DIY body butter

First, weigh out the carrier oils on a kitchen scale. Using density measurements found on the internet, I calculated that I should have approximately the following:

  • 100 grams coconut oil
  • 55 grams cocoa butter
  • 51 grams jojoba oil

Add them all to the double boiler and start melting:

Melting coconut oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil in a double boiler
My frugal double boiler setup

After melting your oils, let the mixture cool until it starts to solidify again. I let the pot cool on the stovetop until it was room temperature, then I put the pot in the fridge.

You’ll know the oil mixture is ready when it starts becoming opaque and slightly solid to the touch. (For me, the oils were ready about 20 minutes after I put them in the fridge.)

Now, combine the essential oils in a small beaker or container and measure out your corn starch.

Combining vanilla absolute and peppermint essential oils in a small beaker
It may be my chemistry background, but I’m obsessed with this ultra-tiny beaker.

Finally, toss the essential oils and corn starch into the pot and WHIP!

Body butter whipped until it looks like cake icing, with stiff peaks forming

Now, gently spoon your freshly whipped body butter into the containers of your choice and — viola! A delightful chocolate peppermint body butter!

The finished product is a luxurious, pillowy body butter

Let me know how your body butter turned out! How does it compare to the body butters you typically use?

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