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I’m in the middle of a web accessibility audit right now. It feels like I’m in a slow-motion montage of some scholarly action movie.

Exporting spreadsheets of automated test results, combing through rows and combining issues in to human-readable documentation.

Referencing dry, pedantic web standards and rediscovering the quirks of various screen readers.

Asking myself…

Is this a screen reader bug or an actual barrier to accessibility?

Where does one draw the line?

Will the WCAG documentation ever meet Level AAA of Guideline 3.1?


Web Performance Optimization Stats

Working in the Shopify e-commerce space, I see a ton of apps in the marketplace that promise to increase revenue. Do they? I don’t know, but they most definitely increase the page load time.

Same thing goes for themes in the marketplace. In trying to make flexible themes that will work for most every business, these themes are bogged down with a ton of extra fluff and Liquid that slows things down for customers.

Visiting performant sites is just better for customers. Let’s just agree on that.

6 Most Important Things Every Junior Developer Should Know

“A software developer is part artist, part scientist, part life-long learner. Embrace these traits, go forth, and create something to make someone’s life better.”

Why AI will never replace human picture descriptions

“Yes, AI can by now tell you about the birds and the trees, and the flowers and the bees, in a picture or photograph, but the actual message is something only a human can get from it.”


Learning About Work Ethic From My High School Driving Instructor
An article on doing your work with the mindset of a craftsperson. This one gave me chills.


‘Smile with your eyes’: How to beat South Korea’s AI hiring bots and land a job
“According to Korea Economic Research Institute (KERI), nearly a quarter of the top 131 corporations in the country currently use or plan to use AI in hiring.”

The Navy installed touch-screen steering systems to save money. Ten sailors paid with their lives.

“The Integrated Bridge and Navigation System, or IBNS, as it was known, was no technical marvel. It was a welter of buttons, gauges and software that, poorly understood and not surprisingly misused, helped guide 10 sailors to their deaths.”


Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free
Free classes you can take from Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

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