Wikipedia Viewer: Wikipedia API & Cross-Origin Requests (SOLVED)

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A lot of people working on the freeCodeCamp Wikipedia Viewer run into problems making requests to the Wikipedia API. They plug the request URL into the search browser and it pulls up the data just fine.

But as soon as they start making the request inside their JavaScript, all sorts of error messages start popping up in the console and no data seems to be getting through.

According to the cross-site request portion of the API documentation, there are two ways to make a cross-site request to a MediaWiki site: JSONP and CORS.

You can bypass these issues by using JSONP instead, but¬†in this article I’m going to be focusing on making the request work using the CORS method. Continue reading “Wikipedia Viewer: Wikipedia API & Cross-Origin Requests (SOLVED)”

Getting Started Coding: freeCodeCamp vs The Odin Project

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When you’re beginning your web development journey, it can be difficult to figure out which learning resources provide the greatest value. There are so many coding sites for beginners that it’s easy to fall into decision paralysis about which learning path to¬†embark on.

Today I’m going to focus on two of the best free coding resources out there: freeCodeCamp and The Odin Project. Continue reading “Getting Started Coding: freeCodeCamp vs The Odin Project”