The Best Woodsy Essential Oil Men’s Cologne Recipe

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Unfortunately, when you search for natural cologne recipes on Google, most of the top-ranked articles in the search results feature recipes that just don’t make much sense.

The Woodsman homemade essential oil cologne recipe: 7 drops vetiver, 14 drops clary sage, 16 drops pine, 3 drops tangerine. Dilute in 1/2 an ounce of Everclear in a 15 mL spray perfume bottle.

Many call for diluting your oils in water, despite the fact that oil and water just don’t mix.

One prominently featured recipe calls only 10 drops of essential oils to be diluted in 8 oz of alcohol. If you follow that recipe, your scent will probably only last a few seconds. It’s just way too weak of a dilution.

I had this same issue when I tried following another top-ranking perfume recipe.

After some experimentation with mixing essential oils, I stumbled upon this clean, crisp, woodsy blend that makes for a perfect natural cologne.

So if you’re set on mixing up a batch of homemade cologne for someone special in your life, follow the instructions below.


I’ve already outlined everything you’ll need to make your own homemade cologne in my other post on making essential oil perfumes. In this post I’ll be focusing on an alcohol-based cologne, since most of the men I know prefer to sprays to oil-based colognes.

Here’s a quick recap:

Bonus: If you have some Avery address labels sitting around, it’s really easy to make your own personalized labels for your handmade colognes.

The Essential Oils You’ll Need

The essential oils you’ll need for this recipe are:

I love vetiver cologne recipes. The musky smokiness of the vetiver blends amazingly with the fresh scent of pine and the clean, herbaceous aroma of clary sage. The tangerine adds just a hint of sweetness that gives way to the complexity of this woodsy, masculine essential oil blend.

While I typically use at least a 20% concentration of essential oils in my homemade fragrances, I decided to lower the concentration on this blend to around 13%. The scent of this cologne is much stronger and more persistent than others I’ve made, so you can get away with using a weaker dilution.

Homemade Cologne Instructions

Ingredient List

  • 7 drops vetiver
  • 14 drops clary sage
  • 16 drops pine
  • 3 drops tangerine
  • 1/2 oz Everclear (15 mL)

Step 1: Mix the essential oil cologne blend

Add the essential oils to the glass spray bottle. You’ll probably need to use a pipette for the vetiver as it’s a thick, viscous oil.

Let the essential oils sit for 3 days to 1 week to let the aromas meld together.

Step 2: Diluting the essential oils in the carrier

Using the funnel, pour the Everclear into the bottle. I usually pour until a little above the shoulder of the bottle; this ensures that the liquid won’t overflow when you insert the spray lid.

Make sure to hold the funnel slightly above the rim of the bottle while you pour. When the funnel rests on top of the bottle, the alcohol has a pesky habit of overflowing the funnel and spilling everywhere.

Now put the cap on and let it sit for another few days to let the strong alcohol smell mellow out.

Step 3: Label

It’s super easy to personalize your bottles. I find that Avery address labels make solid labels for these small 15 mL bottles.
Just download the Word template from their website and create the labels in your word processor. Alternatively, if you’re a Photoshop user, you can download their PSD label template instead.

The only downside to using this size of label is that it’s very wide relative to the bottle size. If that bothers you, just cut the labels down to your preferred size!

Did you try making this essential oil cologne blend? How did you like it?

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  1. We have a large variety of YL e.o.s and make toothpastes, deodorants, beard oils, pain creams, medicinal salves, body butters and solid perfumes but haven’t tried making spray/splash scents, yet. LOVE your idea and your combo of e.o.s sound great. I’m unable to find organic (or even just non-gmo) everclear. Thinking of trying your recipe made with Absolut instead. Need good recipes for men’s-aftershave-splash, also (hint-hint!). Thanks for the good idea!

  2. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I’ve read through a single
    thing like this before. So great to discover somebody with a few unique thoughts on this issue.
    Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This web site is
    something that is required on the internet, someone with a little originality!

  3. I made this and it’s amazing!! Thank you so much. Would love to see your recipes for some women’s perfume. 🙌

  4. I made this and it’s amazing!! Thank you so much. Would love to see your recipes for some women’s perfume. 🙌

    Finally a recipe that makes sense 💛

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