Things I Use & Recommend 🀘

Here are some of my favorite tools, resources, and services. I use everything on this list either personally or in my work functions, so I feel confident recommending everything here.

Full disclosure: this page includes some affiliate links. That means if you click through and make a purchase based on my recommendation, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. That commission helps cover the cost of keeping my blog up and running, so it’s much appreciated. But no hard feelings if you want to just Google these tools instead! πŸ€—

Web Development


I use SiteGround for all of my personal hosting needs. Their GrowBig plan is a great deal as it allows you to host multiple websites at a super affordable price. (Perfect for the web developer on a budget! πŸ’°)

I also love their customer service with a passion. I’ve screwed things up many a time, or at times been utterly confused about how to do something in cPanel. Whenever that’s happened, I’ve been able to fire up the live chat and get a real person to help me solve the problem instantly. That itself is worth its weight in gold.


NameCheap is my domain name registrar of choice. I don’t even try to bundle my hosting and domain name purchases anymore.

I’ve price checked them against my hosting company and other registrars, and the Namecheap domains are always the clear winners in terms of price. πŸ‘

Local by Flywheel

Local is a great solution for developing WordPress sites locally. It features a quick one-click install, has local SSL support, and lets you share preview links with clients.


Thanks to the amazing Multnomah County Library system, all Portland-area folk with a library card have free access to the learning platform.

I use it regularly for brushing up on my dev skills and for exploring new areas of interest. Best of all, when you finish a course, you can publish a certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile.

Side Hustlin’


This is a recommendation for both web devs and non-techies alike. I work in Shopify everyday, so I see the opportunities here on both sides of the coin.

Web Developers

If you’re a new web developer looking to start freelancing, I highly recommend Shopify as way to dip your toe in the waters. It’s a great way to gain real-world experience and learn the e-commerce ecosystem. There’s more work to go around than there are qualified freelancers. (Just check the Upwork job boards if you don’t believe me.) Go sign up for a Shopify Partner account. Now.

Bootstrappin’ Entrepreneurs

If you want to start a basic e-commerce store without all the complexity and headache of the other platforms, Shopify is the way to go.

I’ve set up both Shopify and WooCommerce stores for clients, and I can easily say that the seller experience is more intuitive and easy to navigate on the Shopify side.

They make it so easy to set up a simple storefront within a matter of hours. So if you want to finally give that e-comm dream of yours a shot, give Shopify a try.

Desktop Apps

TimeOut 🌴

As a web developer, I’m guilty of occasionally getting really sucked into a task or problem and working through breaks. Don’t do this.

Whether it’s in your personal projects or work life, not giving your brain a chance to breathe is a bad habit that can lead to frustration and poorly quality of work.

This app allows you to set break reminders at short and long-duration intervals. I have mine set to break for 10 minutes every hour and it’s been awesome for my focus and productivity.

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