Weekly Link Roundup #5

Oh Wednesday, glorious Wednesday. This week has been a perfect emotional storm of work deadlines, impostor syndrome/panic attacks, wet weather, and npm issues (I’m talking to you, v3). But I’m making it through (read: barely hanging on) with the support of many a vitamin D tablet and green smoothie.

On a more positive note, tomorrow will be my one-year anniversary at my current company, and I’m feeling so grateful that I magically ended up here after a long and windy road following my dropping out of grad school. It’s amazing to be part of such a tight-knit, supportive group doing work I love.

Next week I’ll be taking the IAAP WAS certification exam so that we can highlight our expertise in web accessibility and serve our clients and their customers better. ✌️I’ve got those pre-exam jitters — wish me luck!


  • Manifesto by a female open source contributor
    “I will not stop speaking up and setting boundaries if this is necessary to make me feel safe and standing up for the moral values that are important to me.”
  • App Ideas
    A GitHub repository featuring a collection of beginner to advanced project ideas to help you improve your coding skills. Each idea features clear objectives, user stories, resources, and bonus features to stretch your skills.
  • Making Video Games Is Not A Dream Job
    “Worker exploitation has always been part of the video game industry’s DNA. Executives with multimillion-dollar stock packages often treat their employees like Tetris pieces, to be put into place as efficiently as possible, then promptly disposed of.”
  • 10-Step Guide to Local Shopify Theme Development Using Slate
    This week was my second time getting downloaded theme files set up for our development workflow. I was tempted to use Theme Kit but decided to push my comfort level — and thank goodness for this tutorial. Five stars for human-readable language and screenshots. 👏


  • Apple’s new feature a step towards digital apartheid
    “From my own experience, one of the most common questions I get as an accessibility consultant is ‘Can’t we just create a special site for people with screen readers?’ I say that you can’t, and even if you could it would be a really bad idea. Inclusive design is about inclusion, not separation. The problem is that with this new tool from Apple, well-meaning people with this common, but terrible idea of separate ‘disability-sites’ now can implement it, whereas in the past they couldn’t.”


  • Trusting Driverless Cards
    “The car’s lidar (light detection and ranging), cameras, and sensors capture a mind-boggling amount of data on surrounding roads and traffic conditions, but the passenger doesn’t—and probably doesn’t want to—see everything the car sees. Instead, a series of interfaces translate that data into tidy visuals and updates for the rider that better match how we process the world, reassuring passengers that the car is making safe, sound decisions.”

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