selectCallback in Shopify’s Slate Starter Theme

If you’ve landed on this article, you probably found a Shopify tutorial asking you to add some code to the selectCallback function in your theme.

Like me, you may be scratching your head wondering what and where the selectCallback function is.

Here’s where you can find it.

A Tiny Rant 🔥

Shopify has stated in multiple issues on GitHub that there are no plans to update the existing theme customization tutorials for Slate.

This is a major pain in the butt because it seems like all the official Shopify tutorials reference functions that are out-of-date and irrelevant for developers using Shopify’s own recommended workflows.

But I digress. 🤷🏽 Here’s the info you need.

What is the selectCallback

The selectCallback is a function that’s called whenever the product variant is are changed via the <select> element on the product detail page.

For example, say I’m on a product detail page for a t-shirt. You may see the following <select> element.

Every time you choose a new option from the dropdown, a new variant is selected. As a result, the selectCallback is called.

Where to Find It in the Slate Starter Theme

So now we just need to find an equivalent function in the Shopify Slate Starter Theme.

All the JavaScript for handling changes on the PDP can be found in src/sections/product.js.

The most appropriate place here seems to be the onFormOptionChange function. You can see that it’s called in response to a select change event, and it gives you access to the variant object.

onFormOptionChange(event) {
    const variant = event.dataset.variant;



That makes it perfect for placing the code that you may have been instructed to put in the selectCallback. Things like showing variant SKUs, selecting option swatches based on the currently selected variant, etc.

Have an older version?

If you’re working with an older version of the Starter Theme (pre-October 2018), you’ll need to find the updateAddToCartState function instead.


Because Slate is no longer in active development, I doubt we’ll see a change in the Starter Theme product scripts anytime soon.

But if this does change down the line and onFormOptionChange is no longer a thing, shoot me a line and I’ll update this article to match!

Happy coding! ⌨️🤓

Weekly Link Roundup #6

It’s been 6 days since my IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist exam and I’m still recovering from the marathon study session the led up to it.

I feel OK/good about my performance, but I’m still unsure about what the results will be. A couple things are for sure though: after studying for the exam, I’ve felt far more confident in my understanding of expected widget interactions, and my fear of the official WCAG and WAI-ARIA documentation has subsided a bit. 🧛

One of my new favorite haunts is the Web a11y Slack. If you’re at all interested in delving into web accessibility, there are some great teachers in there who are always available for questions. 👩‍🏫 Join us!

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Weekly Link Roundup #5

Oh Wednesday, glorious Wednesday. This week has been a perfect emotional storm of work deadlines, impostor syndrome/panic attacks, wet weather, and npm issues (I’m talking to you, v3). But I’m making it through (read: barely hanging on) with the support of many a vitamin D tablet and green smoothie.

On a more positive note, tomorrow will be my one-year anniversary at my current company, and I’m feeling so grateful that I magically ended up here after a long and windy road following my dropping out of grad school. It’s amazing to be part of such a tight-knit, supportive group doing work I love.

Next week I’ll be taking the IAAP WAS certification exam so that we can highlight our expertise in web accessibility and serve our clients and their customers better. ✌️I’ve got those pre-exam jitters — wish me luck!

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Weekly Link Roundup #4



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The Best Free React Course for Beginners

React has on my to-learn list for what seems like ages. I’ve tried diving in numerous times over the last few years, but either the time wasn’t right or I couldn’t find the right course or project to work through. Some courses were too hands-on, while others were too hands-off and quickly led to frustration.

So I just sat with my skill set and waited to find the motivation to jump back in.

However, with work projects on the horizon that will most likely be built using React, I decided it was high time to jump on the framework bandwagon.

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A Note To Beginners: Your Discomfort Means You’re On The Right Path

You’re wondering if you’re smart enough — talented enough — to make this career change into web development. You try hard for a week and then your motivation finally takes a nosedive when you can’t get your code to work.

You can’t wait until you’re confident in your skills and feel equipped to tackle any problem.

Let me tell you something.

It will never feel like that.

Part of the job is learning to be OK with feeling ill-equipped, underprepared, and like you’re just barely scraping by. It’s called impostor syndrome, and we all have it.

In this field, there’s so much to remember and things are amorphous and ever-changing, and The Right Way™ is up to interpretation.

You’ll grow the most when you’re wedged in that uncomfortable spot where ‘what you know’ juts right up against ‘what you don’t know.’

So don’t stick with what’s comfortable.

Don’t avoid a certain popular technology because, in your opinion, it’s a nightmare to work with.

That probably means you haven’t worked with it enough. You haven’t gotten to know it well enough to appreciate its quirks, nuances, and special powers.

(Hey you!Yeah you! I know you want to just give up on understanding CSS! And that vanilla Javascript scares the bejeezus out of you. Keep on trying.)

Never stop learning, and you’ll never stop exceeding your own self-imposed limitations.