Hi! My name's Lupe Camacho and I'm an Accessibility Engineer at Pixel & Tonic.

I'm a certified Web Accessibility Specialist with the IAAP, and I'm excited about using tech to build things that are useful, user-friendly, and inclusive.

Skills include: JavaScript (ES6), PHP, Ruby, semantic HTML, CSS, functional programming, webpack, accessibility testing, React, and more.


Pixel & Tonic - Accessibility Engineer (2021-Present)

I'm the lead Accessibility Engineer working on Craft CMS (opens in new tab). My role includes:

  • Creating an internal system for tracking and remediating pre-existing accessibility violations.
  • Using screen readers, automated testing tools, and browser extensions to test for accessibility issues, and using audit results to create an Accessibility Conformance Report.
  • Building prototypes to test and develop more accessibile components.
  • Remediating parts of the Craft control panel for accessibility/usability.

WLCR - Front End Developer (2018-2020)

At WLCR, I focused primarily on custom Shopify theme development (with some custom WordPress dev sprinkled in ). My role included:

  • Building custom, responsive themes on the Shopify platform. A highlight was serving as the lead dev on the new Kit Undergarments theme build, and developing this accessible custom bra fitting quiz (opens in new tab).
  • Collaborating on and contributing to custom codebases and documentation; this includes work on build processes, starter themes, testing suites, team knowledgebases, etc.
  • Leading initiatives to move accessibility further to the left by holding short talks on a11y topics, providing feedback on proposed designs, and educating clients.


Here are some things I've built for fun!


"Excellent work! Lupe did everything I needed and helped me understand her work with clear documentation so I won't have any issues going forward. She really went above and beyond!"
"Guadalupe picked up my job and had everything completed within a couple hours to my exact specifications. I would highly recommend her and would work with her again on future projects. Thank you!"